The Journal of Lifelong Learning in Psychiatry Editors: Deborah J. Hales, M.D. and Mark Hyman Rapaport, M.D.
CLINICAL SYNTHESIS  |  January 1, 2014
Parasomnias: A Review for Psychiatrists

Parasomnias include behavioral disturbances occurring during sleep or states of mixed sleep and wakefulness. Careful evaluation and therapy can prevent inappropriate psychiatric diagnosis, avoid ineffective treatment, and ameliorate the sleep disorders.

CLINICAL SYNTHESIS  |  January 1, 2014
Recent Advances in the Understanding of Insomnia

Whereas once thought to be a benign malady, recent advances in sleep research confirm that insomnia is a common condition with a host of associated risks and consequences.

CLINICAL SYNTHESIS  |  January 1, 2014
Psychological and Behavioral Treatments for Insomnia

Many people prefer not to rely on hypnotic medications as a permanent solution to insomnia. A report by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has identified several nonmedication-based interventions judged to be effective and recommended in the treatment of chronic primary insomnia.

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