October 28, 2009
Focus 2009 Self-Assessment

CME Activity

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Sample questions:
A 75-year-old man with a history of mild Alzheimer’s disease becomes increasingly aggressive at home. In addition, he is noted to have worsening memory and word-finding difficulty, inadequate self-care, and less interest in activities. Which of the patient’s symptoms is most likely to be helped by risperidone?
Two teenagers randomly fire their guns at a 54-year-old man in their neighborhood. A week later the patient complains that he can’t "get it out of my mind" and is having frequent nightmares about this incident. He is always "on the watch" when he drives down the road and avoids going out alone. The most likely diagnosis for this patient is:
The main factor of somatization disorder which differentiates it from factitious disorder or malingering is that in somatization disorder: